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Our customers

Success Stories Rhenag

Rhenag migrates to ARCAD for DevOps to achieve its modernization goals and prepare its development team and processes for the future.

Success Stories Brown Brothers Engineers

Brown Brothers engineers secure the modernization of their IBM i applications using ARCAD Transformer and ARCAD for DevOps.

Success stories dancerace

Using ARCAD for DevOps, Git and Jenkins, Dancerace resolves ‘bimodal’ challenges to reduce the IBM i release management workload by 50%.

Success Stories Crosskey

Crosskey migrate from traditional IBM i change management to ARCAD for DevOps, accelerating delivery speed by 3 and improving productivity by 25%.

Success Stories ADIS

ADIS complies with GDPR, improving efficiency and reliability of data anonymization using DOT Anonymizer.

Success Stories IPECA

Using ARCAD, IPECA transforms their IBM i source code & database and moves to DevOps, reducing project cost by 82%.

Success stories Major Canadian financial

Major Canadian financial institution accelerates their time-to-market on IBM i, delivering higher-quality features 3 times faster using ARCAD for DevOps and Git.

Success Stories banque Palatine

Banque Palatine reduces downtime risk and eliminates “Out-of-Hours” working, orchestrating Application Deployment across IBM i, AIX and z/OS with ARCAD’s DROPS.

Success Stories Sydved

Sydved achieves DevOps Goals and optimizes IBM i Application Development with ARCAD Solutions.

Success stories GEODIS

GEODIS capitalizes on custom code and resolves IBM i skill shortage, modernizing applications automatically with ARCAD MaaS.

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