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Unit test automation: Secure application quality on IBM i

In this Webinar we will demonstrate how specialized unit test automation can safeguard application quality and generate reusable test assets for both modular and monolithic code. You will learn how to automate the IBM i unit testing process within a standard DevOps stack., including RDi, JUnit and Jenkins.

‘Shift Left’: Code Quality and Security on IBM i

In our Webinar, we will demonstrate how to use ARCAD CodeChecker to check source code automatically, as you develop, to ‘shift left” and detect code quality and security flaws as early as possible in the cycle. Watch Now!

‘True Git’ – are there right and wrong ways to do Git on IBM i?

Are you looking to manage your RPG and COBOL source code under Git, or you already tried making the leap? Git brings multiple advantages, including flexible distributed development, parallel versioning and complete visibility of changes anywhere in the system. Take your IBM i teams to the next level with Git with this webinar!

Application Analysis

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Is your IBM i application ready for the future?

If you run your business on IBM i, you may well be deciding: migrate or modernize? To improve your skills on this subject, watch this webinar!

Continuous Integration (CI)

Building a strategy for IBM i using Git, Jenkins and JIRA

How can traditional IBM i development languages, like RPG, CL, DDS or even COBOL, be integrated into the process used by other development teams using modern open source tools like Jenkins, Git and JIRA? Watch this webinar to know more!

Continuous Deployment (CD)

Pilot and control application deployment, across IBM i, UNIX, Linux, Windows and z/OS

Watch this webinar dedicated to the Continuous Deployment!
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