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Take a look through our expert articles around DevOps for IBM i

DevOps for IBM i
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Why we should stop using punched cards?

16 February 2023|

Discover the hidden potential of RPG Free Form and why it's time to upgrade to modern features and tools for creating cutting-edge business applications!

Putting the CT in your CI/CD pipeline

31 August 2022|

We have all heard about the CI/CD pipeline in DevOps. This is the standard phrase. But what is often left out of this is the CT - the Continuous Testing aspect. Automation of the testing is vital to the success of the CI/CT/CD pipeline and with the Arcad testing suite of tools, we fit right in with the use of automation, regardless of the pipeline used.

The Key to IBM i Automation

23 September 2021|

The twenty-first century is well underway and automation has radically changed nearly every industry across the planet. And this is just as true in the world of DevOps where automation is no longer just another handy tool, but is often the key to whether a business survives or thrives.

DevOps maturity on IBM i: let go of the past

26 August 2021|

When speaking of the IBM i and the lifecycle of application development, it would be easy to stick to the old ways of working. But in today’s world, those old ways just do not cut it. Forward thinking enterprises have massively adopted the Agile and DevOps philosophy.

Git DevOps going on IBM i

7 April 2021|

A practitioner’s guide to easy CI/CD on IBM i with Git (or, why are you waiting?). I have a question for the IBM i shops out there. What are we waiting for? Why aren’t we doing DevOps yet? I’m going to suggest that a lot of shops fall into the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” category. That’s pretty much been the culture of traditional IBM i shops.

‘True Git’ – the right and wrong approaches to Git on IBM i

2 February 2021|

Until now, the current change management (CM) tools have dominated the IBM i market providing some elementary versioning of application releases, only ONE version of the source per release. But today the term ‘source control’ - or SCM - has taken on a whole new meaning.

CI for RPG/COBOL with ARCAD and CloudBees

18 September 2020|

Similar to GitHub’s relationship with the open source project Git, CloudBees is the company built around the open source project Jenkins.

Unit Testing: Beating technical debt

19 May 2020|

In this article we will examine the importance of unit testing in general and assess how relevant the technique is on IBM i.

“Azure DevOps” Rhymes with “Arcad ‘n’ Drops”

29 April 2020|

Learn how your IBM i shop can utilize Microsoft’s most powerful development software, aside from perhaps Windows itself. Azure DevOps has existed in some iteration since 2006, but it seems to have hit its stride with the addition of git in 2013.

Why “Git”?

20 March 2020|

Git is still generating an enormous amount of buzz. What are the reasons behind its poularity? Is it really justified? And how relevant is Git in the world of IBM i development?

Code review: go automatic!

28 February 2020|

SonarQube is the de-facto standard code review tool for many modern languages today. But do you need to automate the same continuous quality checking for your RPG code and CL?

GIT a Jump in Your Step

25 January 2019|

Reflections on the rise of Git and the DevOps paradigm on so-called legacy platforms IBM i and z/OS – by Floyd Del Muro, DevOps Advocate

The evolution of DevOps

15 October 2018|

Find out how the DevOps concept, which previously focused primarily on IT services, is spreading across the enterprise today.

DevOps Facts & Predictions – Infographic

6 September 2018|

DevOps adoption is growing faster than ever. Check out our infographic to discover the latest DevOps predictions, and how this agile corporate culture improves efficiency in all lines of business!

What is Source Code Management?

9 February 2018|

You would think someone who has been in the industry for as long as I have would have a simple answer to a simple question. What is source code management? My reply? Well, that depends.

How Git can be used as the source repository for your native IBM i code? – Part 1

14 November 2017|

Imagine being able to branch and merge IBMi code as easily as you do your PHP code. Imagine adopting agile methodologies for native development, builds and deployments. Imagine never having to “check-out” code and jump through those hoops. That’s what Git allows, and it’s really not that hard to accomplish.

GitHub: How Developers Got to Run the World (sic)

27 September 2017|

Of the world’s most visited websites this month, GitHub rates 59 and climbing. Not bad considering that GitHub’s appeal is limited to software developers whereas the other popular sites like Google and Amazon have a planetary audience. Is software becoming as important as the written word?

Why DevOps?

14 September 2017|

In business today, there is a premium on the speed with which IT can deliver software and its reliability – and implementing DevOps is becoming a key competitive differentiator.

Share your IBM i platform with open source tools

2 May 2017|

IBM continues to encourage greater and more extensive use of open source tools on the IBM i platform. This has helped IBM i become more popular, less “proprietary” and more accessible to young generations of developers. Further, it has opened the platform to a vast software offering produced via the open source model.

DevOps Would Have Saved the Dinosaurs!

21 December 2016|

I have been fortunate to attend many events and conferences throughout the years, several on an annual basis. These gatherings bring together industry leaders from all over the world to share their expertise and knowledge about the IBMi and open source ecosystems.

Relevance of a DevOps strategy

2 November 2016|

When we first heard the term “DevOps” and the buzz it was generating, we asked ourselves whether it was just another case of reinventing the wheel. It’s common in our business that a hot new term signifies an evolution, rather than a revolution. And DevOps is a good example.

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