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IBM, ARCAD Software and GitHub invite you to a breakfast briefing.
Gain 2 hours of valuable education with demo to better understand the latest techniques in
DevOps, agile application deployment, and open source collaborative tooling on IBM i.

What will you gain from this briefing?

  • Understand the benefits of a DevOps approach on IBM i
  • Learn how to implement your own DevOps strategy based on open source (e.g. Git, Jenkins)
  • Explore how open source collaborative features can benefit application development on IBM i


  • 8:30-9:30: Welcome breakfast
  • 9:30: “Why DevOps?”  Introduction by Philippe Magne
  • 9:45: “Open Source on IBM i”, Therese Eaton, IBM
  • 10:05: “DevOps culture for IBM i – an introduction to collaboration and code management with GitHub”, Alex Purkiss, GitHub
  • 10:30: “Demo: Developing on IBM i with Git, GitHub, Jenkins, JIRA”, Michel Mouchon, Vitor Monteiro, GitHub
  • 11:15: Questions/Answers
  • 11:30: Conclusion, Open Discussion, Philippe Magne
  • + One-on-ones

Unless you have to rush back to work – why not book a slot with us after 11:45 for some one-on-one consultancy to jump-start your DevOps project!

Why GitHub (on IBM i)?

GitHub is a web-based Git version control repository and collaboration platform.  It’s used in the cloud by 22M developers but also has a local private “on-premise” version (GitHub Enterprise).

GitHub on IBM i brings more code sharing and reuse, helps teams collaborate well and deliver faster.

Why attend ?

I. DevOps

A DevOps “culture” extends agile methods across the entire software development process, engaging business teams, architects, developers and testers, IT operations and production.  Software is delivered continuously in frequent iterations, shortening the feedback loop, to constantly align software development with business goals.

In our briefing, learn how to apply DevOps techniques in your organization to:

  • Reduce risk in application deployment
  • Improve project outcomes and software quality
  • Shorten software delivery schedules

II. Collaboration

Collaborative platforms such as GitHub are transforming the way that software is developed. For one, GitHub has attracted a community of over 22M developers, and offers a private on-premise repository option. Two of its largest users are Microsoft and IBM itself. Judge for yourself! During our demo, challenge our speakers with questions about GitHub and open source
tools on IBM i.

Who should attend ?

IT Managers, Application Development Managers, Project Leaders, Developers, Operations, Architects, etc.


Philippe Magne, CEO, ARCAD Software

Philippe MagnePhilippe Magne is CEO and Founder of the ARCAD Software group, a global ISV specializing in multi-platform solutions for DevOps, Test Automation and IBM i Modernization. As software quality manager at the European Space Agency, Philippe initiated the ARCAD application lifecycle management project, creating the ARCAD Software company in 1992 to pursue the development of his software. Since, he has steered the company to produce a wide and integrated range of DevOps solutions distributed by IBM worldwide. Philippe is an unceasing champion of enterprise modernization and frequent speaker around the world.

Michel Mouchon, Technical Director at ARCAD Software

Michel MouchonAs CTO at ARCAD Software since 2000, Michel plays a major role in defining the technical strategy and coordinating R & D, engineering and consulting services.  Co-author of the IBM i Modernization Redbook and a close advisor of customers in the field, he brings practical experience to enterprise modernization and the use of agile methods and DevOps on IBM i.

Michel’s gift for communication and wide-ranging IT expertise is appreciated by the IBM i user community worldwide.

Vitor Monteiro, Solutions Engineer at GitHub

Vitor has been an Engineer for most of his professional career. He worked in the Portuguese IT HealthCare and UK Finance Services industries as an Engineering Lead before fulfilling a lifetime passion in joining GitHub. He’s now an Architect Solutions Engineer helping customers lead the industry in the way of Version Control and Source Code Management.

Therese Eaton, Pre sales Consultant


Content Curator at IBM

Therese Eaton is IBM UK’s pre sales technical lead on POWER IBM i family of products.  She helps professionals and their business to keep up to date with the latest meaningful technology. Content curator and creator of a global technical newsletter, sharing her enthusiasm for all things POWER IBM i.

Alex Purkiss, Strategic Alliances at GitHub

Alex PurkissAlex Purkiss is the Strategic Alliances lead for GitHub in EMEA.  An industry veteran and evangelist, he started his IT career in IBM.  A long career has included major roles at at Documentum and EMC.  Since 2016 he has worked for GitHub inc, the world leading web hosted and on prem code collaboration platform.


Thursday 19 October


IBM Southbank
76/78 Upper Ground, Lambeth,
London SE1 9PZ, United Kingdom