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Meet the ARCAD team at the upcoming i-UG International i-Power Conference!

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Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th June

Last year’s International i-Power event in Milton Keynes was a great success with excellent feedback on the value of the event from attendees. For 2019 the i-UG are building on last year’s success and creating another top-class “education-focused” event expanding on the most valuable topics from 2019 and the very latest advances on the platform.

This year, Nick Blamey, ARCAD’s Northern European Sales & Alliances Director will present DevOps on IBM i, delivering a view of industry “Best Practices” with practical examples of Continuous Integration, Test and Deployment as part of a modern, enterprise DevOps toolchain on IBM i using on Git, Jenkins and Jira.

In this session you will learn how the largest and most successful IBM i development teams implement DevOps as part of their strategy. The session will detail examples of “business value” of DevOps based on ARCAD’s work with the most advanced development teams across the globe, including:

  • Readying your IT Team for the implementation of a DevOps process
  • Preventing DevOps bottlenecks through “value stream mapping
  • Preparing successful DevOps roll-out plans combined with a robust ROI Analysis
  • Measuring Business Value in your DevOps business case for management

We look forward to meeting you at the event to discuss your own DevOps challenges.  Please just contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail,

The ARCAD Software team.