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iTour event is a collaboration between COMMON Europe and the local COMMON country organizations.
This year, iTour is sponsored by industry leaders Vision Solutions and ARCAD Software and will visit  Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, France, Austria, Norway, Denmark and Russia.

To register and learn more, visit the link to your country of choice

ARCAD Software topics

If you are like most businesses running on IBM i, you are probably looking for ways to future-proof your applications and address the growing shortage of skills on IBM i. Out-of-date interfaces, code and databases can hold you back and make your companyless efficient and profitable.

Application modernization leverages the business value buried in your applications while exploiting the opportunities that present and future technologies offer.Instead of costly reengineering or purchasing a software package, modernization offers a low-risk alternative that opens your proven applications to a new generation of developers in the future.

Our session presents a 3-part roadmap for modernization on IBM i:

  1. Analyze your existing application and database automatically
  2. Structure your IBM i development with collaborative tools for DevOps, continuous test and deploy
  3. Transform each tier in your application: database, source code and UI
    • Database: From DDS to DDL (SQL)
    • Source Code: From RPGLE to Free Form RPG
    • User interface: From 5250 to modern web and mobile IBM i interfaces

In our session we will reveal case examples showing how real customers have run successful modernizations on IBM i

  • How can traditional IBM i development languages, like RPG, CL, DDS or even COBOL, be integrated into the modern open source tools used by otherdevelopment teams, like Jenkins, GitHub and JIRA?Properly configured, these open source tools make application development much easier on IBM i.We will demonstrate how to bring the different teams into sync, using the same tools and delivering changes together.In our session, you will learn how to:
  • Automate a seamlessDevOps cycle, using open source tools across both IBM i and distributed systems
  • Manage all your source code (RPG, .NET Java, PHP…) in the same repository
  • Simplify the most complex tasks, like the “smart build” of ILE and DB2 SQL
  • Work with concurrent versions and “branches” that are safe and easy to manage

If your organization stores or accesses personal data about EU citizens-such as credit card details, health records, biometric or even location data -then you are certainly concerned by theGDPR.

(This regulation comes into effect in May 2018 and failure to comply runs the risk of heavy financial penalties-4% of annual turnover or 20M EUR!).
Gartner studies haveshown that 70% of data leaks come from internal sources in the company. In particular, the extraction of production data in test environments can expose sensitive data to unauthorized personnel.

Our session explores how to anonymize test data while preserving its usability for testing. You will learn how to protect your data privacy on any DBMS type (DB2, Oracle, SQLServer, NoSQL, MongoDB, …) as part of your overall GDPR initiative.We will explore various ways that data can be anonymized, during simple transfer, or in conjunction with data replication, ETL tooling and “on the fly”.

We will use real case examples of scalable anonymization ina variety of technology contexts.

Speakers from ARCAD

Floyd Del Muro

Business Development Manager, ARCAD Software

With 26 years of experience on the IBM midrange platform, Floyd is Business Development Manager for the ARCAD Softwaregroup.In his role at ARCAD Software, Floyd has been extensivelyinvolved in the management of DevOps and Enterprise Modernization projects on IBM i, from planning stages through to delivery.Drawing on his experience in managed servicesand the introduction of agile methods, Floyd is a trusted advisor and speaker on the subjects of DevOps, Test Automation and Application Lifecycle Management.

Maurice Marrel

Senior Consultant Solutions, ARCAD Software

Maurice Marrel acquired a solid experience in mutiplatform IT environmentsand and participates actively in the process of modernization of advanced technologies projects.Today, he specialized in technical pre-sales and training for ARCAD Software. Thus, Maurice developed a strong technical expertise with his experiences, including the management of IT services in aerospace industry, energy industry and he also assumed the direction of projects in various sectors of activity, in particular, tools in software development.

Vision Solutions Topics

Data-driven demands are an ever-increasing driver for decision making in the area of data warehousing, reporting, analytics, and business intelligence. Learn how to unlock more value that’s captured in your data today by transforming and enhancing the data in real-time.

IBM i is becoming the System of Insight for providing the right people with access to the right data at the right time for decision making in order to protect their top and bottom lines. Modern, cross-platform data sharing solutions are designed to allow easy, automated, real-time data sharing between databases –including databases on different hardware, operating systems, or database platforms.

Migrating or Upgrading Systems with traditional tools can be complex, error-prone and require down-time that simply is not acceptable in today’s 24×7, always-on business climate. Today’s modern solutions and best practices allow migrations across multiple operating systems, on any hardware or storage platform, and in any physical, virtual or cloud-based environment. This session explains the options that are available to safeguard high quality migrations while business continue to be active.

With the GDPR compliance deadline getting closer many organizations are interested in making sure their IT environment is set up in line with GDPR requirements. In this session Visions Solutions will address some of the challenges organizations face when using IBM i to address GDPR requirements.

Speakers from Vision

Stephan Leisse

Solutions Architect Vision Solutions

Stephan Leisse has over 27 years’ experience in the AS/400 -iSeries -IBM iworld as a Freelance Contractor and Employed Consultant.Currently he works as a Solutions Architect for Vision Solutions, responsible for technical Presales of related Vision HA/DR -Enforcive Security products across EMEA and Growth Market.In his previous role, he worked with complex HA and DR projects implementing MIMIX, iTera and Double Take Software. In addition, he is a co-author of IBM Redbooks and speaker for several Common and other events.

Alexander Trekin

Regional Director, Russia, C.I.S., and Africa, Vision Solutions

Alexander Trekin, IBM certified Solution Expert and Sales Professional, is the Regional Director in Vision Solutions’ UK office, and he is responsible for all aspects of solution sales and management to our customers and for overseeing the partner network in Russia, C.I.S. and Africa. For past seventeen years, he was responsible for over 200 high availability and disaster recovery projects in 24 countries worldwide, which gave him a unique insight on the subject. Prior to joining Vision Solutions, Mr. Trekin held a variety of technical positions working at SBS-AGRO Banking Group of Russia. He holds a Master’s of Information Technology from MPEI Technical University in Moscow with minor in financial management. Alexander is the Fellow of Institute of Sales and Marketing Management since 2012

Mariusz Gieparda

Manager, Sales Engineering – EMEA at Vision Solutions

Mariusz Gieparda has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry gained in Europe, Middle East and North America. With Vision Solutions for last 13 years. He has an in-depth knowledge of IBM System, high availability (HACMP) and has both an IBM Advanced Technical Expert Certification and Linux Professional Certification. Mr. Gieparda is the co-author of three IBM Redbooks under the topics: HACMP, Advanced Power Virtualization and Fast Connect.

This year, twelve Common Europe user groups, in partnership with Vision Solutions and Arcad Software, are pleased to announce the following dates and locations for their 2017 iTour one-day education events: