Dear customer / Dear partner,

2018 will undoubtedly mark the advent of the digital era. All companies have understood that they have to adapt to this new world or risk outright disappearance. The good news is that they have the means and the motivation to do so and many have already targeted their investments in this direction.

Entering the digital era is first and foremost a realization that future users, customers or partners will be those young generations who are entering the job market, infused with digital in their daily lives, and who are revolutionizing all established codes.

The digital age means thousands of new mobile applications that need to interact with the core systems. It’s also thousands of webservices developed and web interfaces with an enriched user experience.

This new mix of technologies and the necessary adaptations in the information system make DevOps an essential strategy for all IT organizations, large and small.

If many companies are already mature in the implementation of their “DevOps journey”, it is often applied only over their new technologies. This is far from the case when we observe their so-called “legacy” systems. The new challenge for them is to extend the DevOps approach across their entire information system. Here again, the adaptation of their IT organization to younger generations. Without that shift, who will maintain these critical applications at the very core of the company’s business?

We live in an exciting era of profound change and opportunity. The strength of Arcad’s enterprise and technology is its ability to be credible to populations that are so different in terms of culture, age and experience. We were the first to integrate within our offering all the tools, open source or not, from the open world and which are already very popular on the market. This approach makes it possible to generalize a DevOps strategy, whatever the technologies and the languages ​​used. It brings credibility to the use of these tools in the legacy world, while trivializing legacy platforms within the entire information system. The transitional phase will probably be long, but at least it gives a very clear strategic direction. 2018 will be, we are convinced, the advent of the “DevOps for legacy” era.

You will find in this newsletter many examples that illustrate my point.

Yours sincerely,

Philippe Magne

Philippe Magne

CEO And Chairman