Exceed UI/UX Modernization for IBM i Applications!

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Smart UIs for IBM i applications
on all platforms and devices


  • Transform classic green-screens into modern and smooth UI

  • Intuitive and fast designing, enhancing user productivity

  • The new interfaces can be used immediately as iNow UI clients

  • External data, images, documents and apps for text editing and spreadsheets are easy to integrate

  • Optimize your workflow

  • Reduce development time and cost by up to 40%

Transform your IBM i applications!

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  • Transformation with minimum effort

  • Beautiful and richly featured UIs

  • Enhanced “value-add” functionality demanded by your users and business

  • Same “look and and feel” in both a Windows environment, on any browser, on any platform and through any device

See ARCAD iNow in action!

Step 1: Automated UI Modernization

Check out the Advanced on the fly mode (AOF) of iNow. Unique technology from ARCAD iNow immediately transforms all 5250 screens in “real-time” AND automatically into smart UIs. iNow delivers incredible savings in time and money for powerful modernization of large applications with hundreds or even thousands of 5250 screens eliminating the need to modernize each and every screen manually.

Step 2: Enhancing Detail Forms

To add even more valuable and customized functionality particular when working with screens which need to be manually enhanced, please check out this video. ARCAD Software recommend beginning by focusing your efforts on the 20 % of screens where your users spend 80% of their time. iNow provides you rapid and unlimited optimized functional improvements to your IBM i applications.
This video contains some of our customers most popular usability enhancements for detail forms, seamlessly delivered through iNow UI.

Step 3: Subfile Modernization & Extension

A particularly valuable modernization solution using iNow UI is with subfile. iNow UI helps you to delight your users with additional columns of relevant data from DB2 (or any other database) and with an unlimited number of records available to them “eliminating” limited screen size on 5250, your users can sort, filter, group, search and export as they choose.
More details in this video.

Option 4: Process Automation via Webservice

Process automation provides enormous time savings. By using webservices you can take advantage of the nearly unlimited potential of this technology.
This video shows how to use iNow Webservice with SQL to individually automate processes.

Option 5: Developing new Applications by using iNow ILE API and RPG

Software development is a permanent process. If you want to continue programming with ILE languages, iNow supports you with its ILE API. This video shows how the interface between business logic on IBM and smart, graphical UIs works.

Option 6: Anonymizing sensitive fields on-the-fly

ARCAD iNow integrates with DOT Anonymizer to provide unique modernization capabilities.

Option 7: Improve User Experience with ARCAD Observer

Create tooltips for the modernized Graphic User Interface when users hover fields. That’s just one example of how ARCAD Observer & ARCAD Repository power ARCAD iNow to accelerate high quality UI modernization.

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Transform end- user experience, boost productivity and lock-down the security of your applications.

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