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ARCAD Transformer Unicode

Unicode conversion for IBM i

Automate the mass transformation of RPG source code and database to the Unicode standard. Convert from single byte encoding to Unicode to achieve international multi-language support.

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IBM i Modernization Solution

Need to globalize your IBM i application?

Internationalize your source code with auto-conversion to Unicode

Use ARCAD Transformer Unicode to…

Enable worldwide character set support

Expand the geographical reach of your IBM i application with support for diverse character sets.

Automate the transformation process

70% productivity gains compared with manual conversion, with reduced risk of regression.

Drive value across your teams
AND your business

Power Development Teams

Power Your Development Teams

  • Automate the mass transformation of source code from single byte to Unicode
  • Convert all database alphanumeric fields and all business rules
  • Apply globally to all fields from all files and processes, or only on selected application components
  • Validate the new lines of source code proposed by ARCAD-Transformer Unicode, to update your application automatically
  • Reduce cost and timescales in case of Unicode conversion on IBM i
Business Value

Deliver business value

  • Delegate IBM i systems tasks to non-IBM i experts
  • Massive productivity gains (often over 70%)
  • Reduce the risk of error and safeguard the reliability of your application
  • DevTestOps framework manages transformation in parallel with maintenance to avoid any business impact
  • Project-oriented: Automated analysis, transformation, version control and recompilation

How will YOU use ARCAD Transformer Unicode?

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