ARCAD 5250 Emulator for RDi & ARCAD-plugin for Unit test


ARCAD 5250 Emulator for RDi

Our free 5250 Emulator is designed to help you work with IBM i objects within the Eclipse framework. The plug-in allows you to start 5250 emulation sessions from within an Eclipse-based IDE.

NOTE: This plug-in does not require the installation of any software on your IBM i and is compatible with RDi 7.5 + ( Eclipse 3.4x/3.5x).


  • Opens any number of 5250 sessions on any number of machines.
  • Customizes colors, typeface, cursor shape, and more.
  • Supports 24×80 and 27×132, the code page, and system requests.
  • Assigns 5250 functions to your keyboard.
  • Manages copy/paste; supports the hotkeys Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
  • Automatically resizes the emulator when you expand or minimize the view.
  • Records macro-commands for repetitive actions.


  • Emulator for RDI – Download the tutorial click here.

ARCAD Plug-in for 5250 Unit Test

This complementary tool allows you to test executable IBM i components from within your WDSc 6 or 7 workspace. Our free plug-in for 5250 Unit Test requires you to create an RSE connection to your IBM i (provided with WDSc) and install the ARCAD 5250 Emulator for RDi.

To obtain a tutorial for the ARCAD Plug-in for 5250 Unit Test, click here