DOT Anonymizer

Mask your personal data while ensuring it looks and acts like real data

Software development needs realistic test data. DOT Anonymizer masks your test data while ensuring its consistency, across all your data sources and DBMS.

Dot Anonymizer Masking

Anonymization – a solution to:

Data Leakage DOT

Eliminate the risk of a data leak outside production

The use of personal or identifying data outside of production (development, testing, training, BI, external service providers, etc.) carries a major risk of data leak.

GDPR Strategy DOT

Free yourself from the most strategic GDPR constraints

Increasing regulations across the world require companies to anonymize/pseudonymize personal or identifying data.

Maintain Test Data DOT

Maintain consistent and usable test data

Anonymization enables you to retain the original data format. Your teams work with fictional but realistic data.

Data Management DOT

Manage all your data sources and maintain their usability

Data Anonymization DOT

Anonymize your data to fit your needs

Easy Use DOT

Easy to use

Caching Data DOT

Advanced caching technology

Non-reversible caching of the anonymization result

Choose your cache level

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Supported files

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Automate test data anonymization

With DROPS, accelerate your delivery timescales by automating the anonymization
AND deployment of test data!

DOT Anonymizer Datasheet

DOT Anonymizer

Discover how DOT Anonymizer helps you to protect the confidentality of your personal data.

Success Story URSSAF

Case Study – URSSAF Caisse Nationale

Urssaf Caisse Nationale wants to protect the data entrusted to it by launching an anonymisation project.

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