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ARCAD is IDE agnostic

Our solution ARCAD for DevOps supports mixed IDEs – Any one IBM i team can have a mix of 5250, RDi, Merlin, VS Code.
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We drive Merlin

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Move to DevOps on Cloud based on Open-Source standards

DevOps for IBM i

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Include IBM i in your Enterprise DevOps pipeline

IBM i Application Modernization

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Transform your legacy into a competitive advantage

With 30 years of experience in application lifecycle management in all business and technology sectors, open and legacy, ARCAD Software is positioned to meet the current challenges of digital transformation.
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« We started looking for vendors […] What was unique about ARCAD was they could not only integrate with RTC and RDi but also provide us the automation to be able to build, package and deploy automatically. »

Subir Sen, HSBC


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Control costs

  • Leverage cloud efficiencies, across private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Drive automation into every phase of your DevSecOps cycle
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Minimize Risk

  • Detect security vulnerabilities and quality flaws at their source
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Drive value

  • Accelerate feature delivery and optimize the user experience
  • Keep your applications available 24/7 with continuous code quality checking
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Boost productivity

  • Grow your innovation capacity with shared tools and technology
  • Eliminate tool ‘silos’ with standard tools and pipelines
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Work smarter

  • Future-proof your software assets for a new IT generation
  • Open your heritage applications to emerging technologies from open source

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With 30 years of IT innovation and experience in the most diverse and challenging implementations worldwide – ARCAD Software has the unique vision and know-how to solve the digital transformation challenges of today.

ARCAD is – a unique, integrated range of software tools for securing the faster delivery of higher quality software – helping you grow your business and stay agile. Bridge your software assets with tomorrow’s technology.

ARCAD Customers

Over 450 Customers
Across 75 Countries Trust ARCAD

ARCAD is the only integrated all-in-one DevOps solution for IBM i with the deep Git and Jira integration that was so strategic for us. We needed to standardize our processes across our IBM i and Web teams and keep them in sync. Only ARCAD was able to cover a complete end-to-end standardized DevOps process on IBM i.

Simone Culp, BWI

With ARCAD for DevOps, we have automated an enterprise-grade CI/CD pipeline for RPG based on Git and Jenkins and massively improved our responsiveness to user demands.

Elliot Avison, Dancerace

Using ARCAD to transform our application, we have been able to reduce our modernization project cost by 85%. ARCAD has proved a major asset for the sustainability of our institution.

Laure Lapeyre, IPECA
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