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Security through automation

Control your software changes: Agility, Collaboration, Teamwork

How do we know this version of source code is what we think it is?

Developers are optimists. Formally managing source code changes at the beginning of a project sometimes feels like an extra burden. But skipping this step at the start of a project only delays cost (a so-called “technical debt”) until later in development.

For example:

  • Figuring out which system components to change when requirements change
  • Re-doing an implementation because we modified code according to changed requirements but did not communicate that to other team members
  • Losing productivity when we replace a component with a faulty new version and can’t quickly revert to a working state
  • Replacing the wrong component because we couldn’t accurately determine which component needed replacing

Need to avoid errors and downtime when changing source code?

Automate the process with ARCAD Skipper!

  • Manage source code at all stages of development
  • Maintenance reports define the scope and priority of maintenance actions
  • Versions become a packaged collection of maintenance reports
  • A check in/out process controls who can change which source code and when
  • Components can be shared safely, with source modifications performed in parallel
  • Validation allows shared source code to be merged safely
  • Component consistency checking helps ensure consistency of components in a change group
  • Open and flexible, for platform-specific or multi-platform teams
  • Option of separate or unified repositories
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