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Life at ARCAD

Illustration Life At ARCAD

How to become an Arcadian?

To join the Arcadian team, our recruitment process is dynamic and efficient. You will quickly meet with your manager and the HR department, which will allow you to rapidly project yourself into the company’s operations: during the interview, the human resources representative will explain you our founding values and will be able to detect your Arcadian fiber. The second interview will be an opportunity to discuss the working methods and the daily life of the position with your direct manager. If we share the same values, the integration process begins!

When you arrive, you become a true Arcadian.
During our integration process, you will quickly meet your new colleagues, you will be trained on our products and processes and your manager will accompany you during regular follow-up meetings. An Arcadian will always be available to answer your questions and help you if needed.

ARCAD Software is a human-sized company with an international dimension, where employees share their knowledge. It is therefore possible to fast increase your skills on technical projects by volunteering, to work in collaborative mode with the various departments of the company, and to practice English on a daily basis, which is the working language. We will help you to optimize your language skills if necessary from the moment you arrive.

Illustration Becoming an Arcadien
Illustration Career Organisation

A horizontal organization

Each Business Line is organized using an agile approach. All managers and employees play an active role in this organization and interactions are numerous. Pyramidal management is lightened in order to encourage initiative. The principles of agility are implemented on a daily basis, in particular transparency and the right to make mistakes with a view to continuous improvement. Projects are subject to collective feedback and victories are always celebrated by all Arcadians.

An organization based on trust

The Strategic Committee is transparent about the company’s strategy, which is shared at least twice a year during “e-general meetings” that bring together all employees at the international level.

Each year, a face-to-face seminar is organized in an exceptional location
to share our projects and roadmap with all our employees and customers.)

Illustration Career Trust



Arcadian moments

Picto Career Coffee

Morning coffee

A coffee and laughter shared upon arrival, nothing better to start a beautiful day!

Picto Carrière - BBQ


Organized when remote employees are present, it is an opportunity to get together, to advance projects and to share a good moment of conviviality with those who are not on site.

Picto Carrière - moments ludiques

Fun times

Board game nights, ping-pong and table football tournaments are regularly scheduled to develop your agility and conviviality.

Picto Carrière - Challenges


For the more sporty ones who love to work out and push their limits: participate together in the Corporate Games, in inter-company soccer tournaments, cross-country races or bicycle convoys… Together, we are stronger.

Picto After Work


After a good day’s work, a meeting over a drink is well deserved.

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