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Going Digital is a challenge for organizations in all sectors


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DevOps for IBM i

How to optimize
DevOps on IBM i?

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IBM i Modernization

How to modernize IBM i applications?
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Distributed Systems

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Application Release Orchestration

How to release
applications, anywhere?
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Test Data Management

How to mask production
data for test?

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Who is ARCAD Software?

ARCAD Software is a global technology company, a champion of innovation and agility, ready to help you grow & transform your business in today’s digital world of continuous, fast moving change.

Our mission

To enable business agility with a unique, integrated range of software tools for securing the faster delivery of higher quality software.

Time is money. ARCAD is cloud-ready, API-based and customer-centric, bridging your software assets with tomorrow’s technology.

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Your Partner In Digital-at-Scale

With 30 years of IT innovation and experience in the most diverse and challenging implementations worldwide – ARCAD Software has the unique vision and know-how to solve the digital transformation challenges of today.

ARCAD Software solutions power the digital transformation of some of the largest organizations on the planet, marrying traditional software assets with cutting-edge technology and open source.

ARCAD Software is a team of more than 12 different nationalities across the globe providing around-the-clock support to help each and every enterprise of any size reach their modernization goals.

World Customers digital transformation

Over 400 Customers
Across 75 Countries Trust ARCAD

HSBC – Scotiabank – US Bank – Guardian Insurance – Rhenag –
Edexcel – Fremtind – Geodis – Meemic – KeHE – IPECA – Crosskey – Tieto


pictogramme 85 percent

Improvement in build times

pictogramme 75 percent

Shorter delivery times

pictogramme 80 percent

Reduction in downtime

pictogramme 70 percent

Reduction in IT audit costs

pictogramme 60 percent

Reduction in support workload


pictogramme 93 percent

Reduction in application testing phase


pictogramme 85 percent

Reduction in project cost

How Can ARCAD Software Help You?

Customers are demanding instant fulfilment of their needs. In this world, organizations with traditional IT methods and architectures are struggling with speed-to-market delivery and cost inefficiency.

Pictogramme Integrate


  • Open your heritage applications to emerging technologies from open source
  • Future-proof your software assets for a new IT generation
  • Bridge your technology ‘silos’ with standard tools and pipelines
Pictogramme Secure


  • Detect vulnerabilities at their source
  • Ready your DevOps processes for audit and regulations compliance
  • Protect the privacy of your enterprise data
Pictogramme Automate


  • Drive automation into every corner of your DevSecOps cycle
  • Accelerate delivery and control IT costs
  • Eliminate complexity and technical debt ‘silos’ with standard tools and pipelines
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  • Keep applications highly available
  • Leverage cloud efficiencies, across private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Grow your innovation capacity with shared tools and technology
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