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“I moved to France and started all over. I didn’t regret it. Each day I’m experimenting with new technologies, growing and learning. I had some concerns about the integration because of the ongoing pandemic, but everyone has been very welcoming and nice. We stay in touch by drinking virtual coffees, sharing positive quotes and fragments of our daily lives. It preserves a sense of community and keeps us close.”

Senior Training Consultant

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“My journey to joining Arcad Software as a Solutions Architect and Consultant was a bit different. After a year away from the workforce, I met with several members of the future team. Even a trip to the US headquarters to work with the team before joining them and yes, I did join Arcad officially in June 2021. The one thing that stands out and I have heard this from the US team and those across the pond as well, is “Welcome to the Family.” This seems to ring true across the company as I have spoken with many of the department leads globally as part of my onboarding. Another reason I joined is the software. As I studied and was shown the possibilities, I immediately thought about how this could have helped many clients in the past as I know it will help many in the future. As a long time IBM i user and admin, I can see how this will help move clients into the future of SCM and to advance the adoption of DevOps on IBM i.”

Solution Architect

Alan Ashley
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Resolutely focused towards our customers’ needs and their satisfaction, the technical excellence of our teams is our main strength!

Aude Barbe & Stuart Porlon, Software Development Engineers


We are looking for skilled staff who share our values of optimism,innovation, and ambition in a friendly and international work environment.

Integrated in a collaborative team with local management, you will be given training in our products to become rapidly comfortable with the ARCAD offering.

We strive to develop your versatility in line with your professional aspirations. With all the means of communication to stay connected with the ARCAD teams around the world, we can offer you the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment and take advantage of the close ties between our different professions.

Finally, on all our sites, you will belong to a ARCAD family full of diversity, ready to include you in numerous oppportunities to feel part of the team: barbecue, sports meetings, car-sharing or cycle-convoy…

ARCAD Team Members


Recruiting and onboarding new talent, despite the lockdown?

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Interview of Stuart, young developer joining an experienced IBM i team


Interview of Scott, developer joining Arcad

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