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Easily generate anonymized but usable data

All-in-one protection for your personal or identifying data (PII). Detect, mask and subset data from all your data sources and DBMS!

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DOT - Data Detection
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Data Detection

Detect your data

Planning to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Locate all your personal and identifying data!

Data Masking picto

Data Masking

Hide your data

Looking to mask your personal data while keeping it consistent?

Anonymize it with DOT Anonymizer!

DOT - Data Masking
DOT - Data Subsetting
Data Subsetting picto

Data Subsetting

Sample your data

Need realistic and consistent data for testing, analysis, training or sharing outside your organization?

Sample groups of data in the blink of an eye!

« We had to develop very specific rules for our needs and the rule simulation aspect for DOT Anonymizer, especially for complex rules, which has been a real added value. »

Etienne Cotasson, Urssaf Caisse Nationale

URSSAF Caisse Nationale Case Study

Integrates with your configuration

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Success Story ADIS

“The ADIS teams quickly understood the value and ease of use of DOT Anonymizer. Our testers were up and running on the solution very quickly, thanks to the guaranteed consistency and integrity of the anonymized data on all our DBMSs. The ARCAD Software team was particularly responsive to our needs.”

Gaëlle Jonckheere

IT Operations Manager / Infrastructure and Application base

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With 30 years of experience in application lifecycle management in all business and technology sectors, open and legacy, ARCAD Software, including DOT since 2015, is positioned to meet the current challenges of digital transformation.


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