DOT Extract

Consistent data subsets, in a snap

Software testing needs realistic data available on demand, where and when needed.

DOT Extract extracts consistent datasets from production for rapid injection into test environments.

DOT Extract
Dot Extract Schema

Subsetting, a solution to:

Dot Extract Cohesive Data

Provide consistent test data

Subsetting generates consistent sets of table data while ensuring referential integrity overall. Testers are provided with data containing all the table relationships they need to run their programs.

Dot Extract Data process

Accelerate the testing process

Subsetting allows testers to work with reduced data volumes. This speeds up the testing process while safeguarding the structure and quality of the original data.

Dot Extract Reduce Cost
Dot Extract Reduce Cost

Reduce storage and administration costs

Subsetting delivers only the data needed by the test teams, allowing you to keep your storage costs under control while reducing your environmental footprint.

Dot Extract Reduce Carbon

Reduce costs AND your carbon footprint

High-volume production data consumes valuable resources and infrastructure. Providing testers with a copy of the entire production database is therefore costly both in time and disk space.

Data subsetting enables test teams to be provided with only – and precisely – the data they need. This reduces the amount of energy and resources needed for data processing and storage, improving energy efficiency, and helping to reduce the environmental impact of IT operations overall.

By reducing the amount of space and energy your data centers need to store and cool data, data subsetting helps reduce the carbon footprint of your organization.

For example, teams can run tests on a 50 GB database rather than replicating the entire 100 TB stored in production.

Dot Extract Data Test

Create realistic test datasets

small enough to support rapid test cycles, but large enough to accurately reflect the variety of production data.

1. Detection

of integrity constraints

2. Extraction

of your databases

3. Injection

in a target database

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Integrates with your configuration

Picto SQL Server
Picto oracle
Picto MySQL
Picto IBM DB2
Picto PostgreSQL
Dot Extract Sample

Automate test data subsetting

With DROPS, accelerate your delivery timescales by automating the subsetting
AND deployment of test data!

Dot Extract Integration CI CD

Integrate with your CI/CD cycle

DOT Extract Centralization data

Centralize the management of test data

Dot Extract Planification Deployment

Plan and automate the deployment of test datasets


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