Looking to migrate away from your traditional change management tool to modern DevOps and Git?

Automate the process with the ARCAD Migration Kit!

ARCAD Migration kit

ARCAD Migration Kit

If you are currently using a traditional change management tool like Aldon, MKS Implementer or Turnover, you may well be looking at how to migrate to a modern DevOps environment.

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Many IBM i shops want to make the move to DevOps and start managing updates to RPG, COBOL and CL source in Git. Many also need to orchestrate a continuous build and deploy using a standard automation tool like Jenkins or Azure pipelines. However, when you modernize, you certainly don’t want to lose the existing configuration you have customized over the years to fit your teams and environment.

Progressive approach

A progressive move to DevOps

The good news is that ARCAD comes with a ‘migration kit’ that takes care of your existing traditional change management and automates the shift to modern ARCAD for DevOps.


You can even adopt ARCAD module-by-module, to step up your automation without swapping out your existing change management tool.

What does the ARCAD Migration kit provide?

The ARCAD migration kit retrieves existing configuration details from Aldon, MKS or Turnover to populate the ARCAD for DevOps environment with your existing application source and objects, together with pre-configured Git and a host of other industry standard tools.

Any flavor of Git – BitBucket, GitHub or GitLab – are all supported. ARCAD comes with plugins and webhooks to Jenkins, Azure DevOps, GitLab Enterprise, SonarQube, Jira, Confluence, RDi and more.

My existing change management has been customized

Which configurations will the ARCAD Migration kit keep?

  • Details like object characteristics, attributes and source types are all preserved.

  • ARCAD carries forward any precompilation specifics from the old traditional tool.

  • It also looks after security with ownership and authority management automatically.

  • ARCAD can generate missing source code for ‘object only’ cases. This allows Git to manage IBM i objects “as code”, removing a hazardous manual step.

  • ARCAD also takes care of all the specifics related to ILE data areas, service programs and entry points.

With all this automation, you are rapidly up and running with a full DevOps capability on IBM i!

What do I save with the ARCAD Migration kit?

Using the ARCAD Migration kit, you can automate the most tedious tasks when moving from your traditional change management tool to modern DevOps based on Git:

  • Reduce risk – no manual errors as you carry forward your source and objects

  • Save time – automate the tedious task of replicating your configuration

  • Reduce complexity – ARCAD can manage the most complex application topologies and library lists

Planning your DevOps migration

Looking to migrate from Aldon, MKS or Turnover to a modern ARCAD for DevOps environment?