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ARCAD Verifier

Data-oriented regression test on IBM i

Regression Testing with Verifier

WITH ARCAD VERIFIER Detect IBM i application defects within the database, spools and UI

Speed your processes

» Up to 80% reduced time in comparison with manual regression tests

DevOps “best practices”

» Enhance speed while preserving and enhancing the existing level of quality and reliability

Standardized tests

» Deliver consistently tested changes to protect your application, customer data and reputation


» Record functional test cases and replay them automatically at each application release

Efficient Analysis

» Quickly calculate and document test code coverage


» Integration with Selenium, Tosca, UFT, Rational, HCL OneTest, Xray for Jira

WITH ARCAD VERIFIERCatch defects. Before they reach production.

  • Record a test scenario directly from user actions» Automated data reset before scenario execution

    » Auto-detection of essential test scenarios

  • Auto-compare a test run against the previous “reference”. References are versioned for full regression test automation
  • Automatic rollback of test data before each execution of a scenario
  • Auto-generation of test campaigns based on dependencies
  • Reveals % of code covered by a given test campaign
  • Detailed cross-referencing down to modified lines of code
  • Easy data-oriented testing for webservices and 3rd party testing tools

    Integration with Agilitest for ‘full-stack’ testing of IBM i applications

Start catching defects with ARCAD VERIFIER

ARCAD Verifier datasheet


ARCAD Verifier reduces both cost and duration of software testing and guarantees non-regression of the information system through more in-depth and thorough tests.

Designed for IBM i, ARCAD Verifier automates regression testing at the data level, detecting defects at their origin, deep in the DB2 database. ARCAD Verifier keeps track of dependencies between application code and test cases, so that impacted test cases can be replayed automatically after each update to the application. ARCAD Verifier detects differences in the user interface, database, and spool files, displayed to testers from both a navigator and in the form of reports.

Download this datasheet to learn more about ARCAD Verifier and discover the many unique features that define its position in the market.

Download the Datasheet

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ARCAD Verifier has really proven itself and consistently demonstrates the quality that we expected out of a regression testing tool. The main benefits were in time savings and productivity gains by the QA team. ARCAD Verifier is connected to the database and intercepts access to records. It reconstructs the data environment while automatically reinitializing the original data, which no other solution in the market can do.

Hervé Marchand, QA Manager, SG Insurance
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