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ARCAD Verifier

IBM i Regression Test Automation

Data-oriented regression test automation for IBM i. Record functional test cases and replay them automatically at each application release. Detect differences in the database, user interface and spool files.

Solution Regression Test Automation

Detect IBM i application defects within the database, spools and UI.

Optimize your end-to-end testing with ARCAD Verifier

Use ARCAD Verifier to

Guarantee the accuracy of your modernization project

Run ARCAD Verifier test cases before and after modernization to eliminate regression risk

Catch defects before they reach production

Execute a ARCAD Verifier test run before every transfer to production as part of your continuous DevOps process.

Locate defects at their root cause, deep in the database

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ARCAD Verifier has really proven itself and consistently demonstrates the quality that we expected out of a regression testing tool. The main benefits were in time savings and productivity gains by the QA team. ARCAD Verifier is connected to the database and intercepts access to records. It reconstructs the data environment while automatically reinitializing the original data, which no other solution in the market can do

Hervé Marchand, QA Manager, SG Insurance
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