ARCAD Services

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  • Project management
  • Technical consulting
  • Strategic consulting
  • On-site services
  • Remote services

  • Training

Arcad Software offers a range of consulting, training, implementation, and technical support services to address diverse technical and business needs. Highly skilled with an average of over ten years’ experience each, our team of consultants collabore with your team worldwide. Get training & professional services on-site, or remotely to reduce costs and reduced our carbon footprint.

Implementation support

The Arcad solutions are all highly configurable to client needs. This is why our products work well for small businesses, which need flexibility and initiative, and also for large organizations, which focus more on security and traceability. Using a client’s specifications as our guide, we evaluate the timeframe for complete product configuration.

Modernization as a service

If you need to modernize your applications and/or database, transform RPGLE to Free Format RPG, we can perform the full project for you, from source code transformation down to test automation and transfer to production.

Release management as a service

Some of our largest customers benefit from our full Release Management services. We have a dedicated staff able to take on the responsibility of your specific configuration, running the transfers to production for you with a 24/7 technical support.

Technical support

The Arcad technical support team strives to offer friendly, informative service to resolve customer issues accurately and promptly. The technical support team is available 24/7, acknowledging that each customer has unique needs, and that meeting their expectations is vital to our success.

ARCAD Training

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the simple implementation of our products. Arcad consultants focus on knowledge transfer, developing autonomy in customer teams. With that goal in mind, we offer training courses either at our headquarters, or on site at your company, or remotely, to build your skills on and around the ARCAD solutions.

IBM i Training

Learn about all aspects of IBM i – from RPG Free Form, through Webservices and the latest DB2 database techniques. Whether you are a veteran IBM i developer or a newcomer to the platform, an individual or team, select the best training program for your specific needs.

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