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Reach your modernization goals faster and with less effort for your in-house team. Our professional services team and IBM offer Modernization as a Service (MaaS). Enhance reliability and maintainability of your code for lower risk and less cost!

What is Modernization as a Service (MaaS)?

End-to-end DevOps and Modernization

End-to-end Enterprise DevOps and Modernization at minimum risk

ARCAD Modernization as a Service is a set of tooled services, provided by ARCAD Software or our specialized partners, delivering a “tailor-made” modernization according to your own specific needs.

Every MaaS project utilizes ARCAD’s integrated Modernization and DevOps tooling to:

  • automate the transformation of source code, database and/or UI
  • secure an optimized DevOps workflow for reliable delivery of high quality software.

As part of the DevOps process, ARCAD guarantees non-regression of the modernized application thanks to integrated test automation.

MaaS scope

Choose the scope of your MaaS project, to automate any (or all) of the following conversions:

  • Database modernization – Move to a fully relational database on IBM i
    Convert your DDS files to DDL (SQL) tables and views

  • Source code modernizationMake RPG easy-to-read for a new generation of developers
    Convert 100% of your RPGLE code to modern Free Format RPG

  • UI modernization – Add modern user interfaces to your IBM i application
    Generate Web and mobile apps

  • CA 2E (Synon) Exit – Migrate from Synon to a modern language on IBM i
    Convert 100% of your Synon 4GL to Free Format RPG

MAAS White Paper thumbnail

Modernization as a Service

This paper examines the problems associated with maintaining often mission critical IBM i (aka iSeries, AS/400) legacy applications on IBM Power systems.

Advantages of ARCAD MaaS

  • Reach your modernization goals faster by delegating your project to an experienced team
  • “Business as usual”: thanks to a rigorous DevOps process and concurrent versioning, ARCAD performs modernization work in parallel with your daily maintenance work, ensuring the timely merge of enhancements
  • Automated transformation guarantees the quality and completeness of the modernized application
  • Before-and-after testing guards against regressions in the delivered code

The gains?

  • Controlled costs

  • Minimum risk

  • High quality results
Dutel MaaS Case Study

Dutel saves 30% in application maintenance

Dutel automatically converted their Synon applications to RPG free using ARCAD Modernization as a Service.

Success Story GEODIS MaaS

GEODIS capitalizes on custom code and resolves IBM i skill shortage

To minimize risk and avoid delays, GEODIS opted for ARCAD’s Modernization as a Service (MaaS).

Reach your modernization goals with Arcad!

ARCAD MaaS is delivered both by ARCAD Software consultants and a network of service providers across the world, including:
Meridian ITSeneca GlobalWiproInfosysNIIT | HarmanApperTriagoneCentral Park Data SystemsWSS

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