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Solution Application Analysis

Application Analysis

Gain a rapid understanding of your IBM i applications and leverage their business value.

Thanks to ARCAD Audit, detect anomalies in your application and identify areas of unused or redundant code.

With ARCAD Observer analyze the source code and database structure in your application, display its architecture in graphical form.

Solution Build Automation

Build automation

Build automation must be efficient and repeatable, particularly in modern rapid delivery environments.

Discover ARCAD Builder an accurate and optimized build process for IBM i based on extensive IBM i application knowledge. Improve quality and save time when recompiling application components.

Solution CI/CD

CI/CD for IBM i

CI/CD, or Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery/Deployment emphasizes the rapid release of small, incremental changes and the use of automation throughout the development process. CI/CD tooling is central to DevOps and key to its success.

With ARCAD for DevOps deploy your DevOps strategy on IBM i and accelerate your releases.

Code Quality Check Solution

Code Quality on IBM i

Monitor the health of your RPG or COBOL application and eliminate technical debt on IBM i.

ARCAD CodeChecker checks source code quality automatically, as an integral part of your DevSecOps process on IBM i. Measure and Report on your RPG code bases using optimized code quality metrics.

Code Security on IBM i

Code Security on IBM i

Monitor the health of your RPG or COBOL application and safeguard application security on IBM i.

ARCAD CodeChecker checks source code security automatically, as an integral part of your DevSecOps process on IBM i. Measure and Report on your RPG code bases using optimized code quality metrics.

Solution Data Configuration Management

Data as Code

Data now assumes a common role in controlling software logic, in the form of application parameters or configuration data. Yet this critical data often sidesteps the careful controls which are in place for source code changes.

Manage the entire change process of your critical data and automate the process with DROPS Datachanger.

DevOps Solution


Accelerate your continuous deployment safety in speed. Application deployment is the most critical phase in the software development lifecycle.

With ARCAD for DevOps, deploy your strategy on DevOps for IBM i and dispose all the tools needed for DevOps in order to automate a complete end-to-end CI/CT/CD cycle for IBM i.

DevSecOps for IBM i Solution


Secure faster delivery of higher quality software and infuse quality and security checks into your continuous delivery cycle.

ARCAD for DevOps is an end-to-end DevSecOps solution for IBM i integrating with industry-standard tools such as Git, Jenkins and Jira to drive security and reliability into each phase in the development cycle

IBM i Modernization Product Illustration

IBM i Modernization

Legacy applications are modified extensively making it hard for IT staff to understand them and make further changes. Unfortunately many IBM i modernization projects start only after there has been a serious business impact caused by the failure of a legacy application.

Get ARCAD for IBM i Modernization and dispose all the tools needed to modernize your applications !

Source Code Management Solution

Version Control

Security through automation : control your software changes: Agility, Collaboration, Teamwork.

Automate the process with ARCAD Skipper. Facilitate version control for native IBM i applications and avoid errors and downtime when changing source code.

Solution Regression Test Automation

Test Automation

A major concern for developers is how to guarantee consistent, high levels of application reliability and availability for the business after each software change. The only sure method for achieving this is through repeat testing.

Automate functional and unit test within your DevOps cycle with ARCAD Verifier & ARCAD iUnit in order to detect software errors at their source

Solution Unit Test Automation

Unit Test on IBM i

Used continuously in a CI/CD cycle, unit testing pinpoints precisely in which lines of code the defect lies and reduce the cost of defects and their mean time to repair (MMTR).

ARCAD iUnit uses ARCAD’s unique parsing technology to automate the creation, execution and management of unit tests on IBM i.

Solution Application Release Orchestration

Application Release Orchestration

Multiple development languages and numerous dependencies add complexity to the task of application deployment.

Deploy software rapidly and reliably and Release visibility and control for the entire team: business, development, operations… Automate the process with DROPS.

Illustration Data Masking Solution

Data Masking

Data masking is a technology which aims to prevent the manipulation of personal data by giving users fictitious data (but realistic) instead of real personal data.

To ensure confidentiality of your test data by concealing personal information, use DOT Anonymizer.

Illustration Data Masking Solution


Protection against leaks and intrusions is now a priority at national and international levels.

In order to safeguard the rights of EU citizens, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, 2016/679) was adopted in April 2016, and took effect in May 2018.