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DROPS Datachanger

Automate the versioning and deployment of critical data

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WITH DROPS DATACHANGERAutomatically detect changes in data under controlto prevent costly incidents in production

The DevOps ‘missing link’

» Automate deploying data changes together with software components

Reliable production

» Stop manually updating application settings and configuration data

Version control

» Track changes to your settings or configuration data


» Versioning and Audit trail of changes made to critical data

WITH DROPS DATACHANGERProtect your production environment from risk and expensive downtime

  • Critical data can be defined at the level of field, record, or data area
  • Group critical data by version for greater control
  • Control critical data during all phases of development
  • Visualize which critical data has been modified, when, and by which user
  • In the case of error, perform a rapid rollback of critical data to a previous version

Let’s secure your critical data with DROPS DATACHANGER

DROPS Datachanger Datasheet

DROPS Datachanger Features

Do you need to secure and track the change process of application parameters or settings? Keep such critical data under version control, deploy automatically to production and rollback on error?

Download this datasheet and learn how DROPS DataChanger manages the entire change process of any critical data (such as parameter data) from your database, in just the same way as for software components.

  • Deploy data in sync with application components

  • Automate deployment of critical data updates

  • Track changes to critical data

Download the Datasheet

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Our team automates new parameter data updates using DROPS Datachanger. Before DROPS Datachanger was set up, updating the test environment was complicated and error-prone and sometimes parameter data was lost. Each environment update took several days with many manual steps. DROPS Datachanger has greatly enhanced and automated this process

Bruno Parriaud Operations Manager at BCPEBruno Parriaud, Operations Manager at BPCE
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