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CI/CD for IBM i (aka AS/400 or AS400)

Accelerate software delivery schedules

The ultimate solution for building your IBM i CI/CD pipeline

What is CI/CD?

CI/CD, or Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery/Deployment emphasizes the rapid release of small, incremental changes and the use of automation throughout the development process. CI/CD tooling is central to DevOps and key to its success.

Continuous Integration (CI)

With Continuous Integration, developers merge their code changes back to the main branch as often as possible. As soon as a change is committed, automated build and test processes are run to validate the correctness of the change. Defects are detected as early as possible in the development cycle – at the point where their impact and cost is least: a “shift left” of defects.

Test automation is key to Continuous integration to ensure that new commits do not break the application when integrated into the main branch.

Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CD)

Continuous Delivery is an extension of CI, where software is built, configured and packaged in such a way that it can be released to production automatically at any time.

Continuous Deployment goes even further than Continuous Delivery, automatically orchestrating application deployment all the way to the customer on each and every change.

By accelerating the feedback loop with customers, the gains can be massive – in software quality, project timescales, outcomes and development cost.

How to integrate the “legacy” into your CI/CD strategy ? ARCAD for DevOps!

Where CI/CD is mainstream on open or distributed platforms, implementing CI/CD on traditional platforms such as IBM i is more difficult and challenging. Legacy development tools, their incompatibility with enterprise tooling and inflexible development methodologies have held back the move to a continuous model.

To simplify the implementation of CI/CD on IBM i, ARCAD Software has integrated its advanced IBM i automation with standard enterprise DevOps tools Git, Jenkins and Jira.

ARCAD for DevOps: One single repository and DevOps pipeline for all your software assets, with advanced support for IBM i:

ARCAD for DevOps: the most comprehensive and integrated CI/CT/CD offering for IBM i on the market today

  • Sharing of all code assets (distributed and legacy) in one single source repository (Git)

  • Automation of application build on IBM i (ARCAD Builder)

  • Common orchestration tool over the Continuous Integration phase (Jenkins)

  • Automated code quality checks (ARCAD CodeChecker)

  • Automated unit test for IBM i (ARCAD iUnit)

  • Automated regression test for IBM i, test coverage report (ARCAD Verifier)

  • Continuous, multi-platform Delivery and Deployment (DROPS)

  • Visibility/Tracking of release status from ticket right through to production (Jira)

By transforming the previous linear methods into a parallel and continuous workflow, this new CI/CD model enables faster user feedback, shorter delivery timescales and reduced IT cost.

Get ARCAD for DevOps!

ARCAD for DevOps Picto

ARCAD for DevOps

All the tools needed for DevOps on IBM i

Integrate the “legacy” into your CI/CD strategy

  • Break down silos between Development, QA and Operations

  • Link all phases in the development lifecycle over a shared metadata repository

  • Efficiently analyze, build, test, and deploy your application with precision

  • Dependency knowledge derived from your application code and data

  • Run only the test scenarios impacted by your recent changes

  • Collaborate and unify teams using Git, GitHub, GitLab and SVN

  • Deploy synchronously across IBM i, Windows, UNIX, Linux, System z

  • Rollback on error on any platform

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