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As QA Manager, I work with R&D managers to define standards, methods and metrics and select the tools used by development teams to improve our code quality.

JI take a macroscopic view and identify quality metrics that will continuously measure the overall quality of code within our organization. I monitor the value stream to identify underperforming teams and help implement corrective actions. I manage our functional testing teams and the end-to-end testing process to help keep our applications available 24/7. Our enterprise testing tools struggle with the IBM i side of the business. Security is an ever-growing concern and a shared responsibility between our teams.

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Your QA Challenges and Goals

Automated tools are an essential part of the modern QA process and finding the right tools is a key objective for the QA Manager. The diverse spectrum of platforms within many organizations means that open source QA tools and UI-based testing products are sometimes too generic in nature and do not go deep enough on the IBM i platform to be effective. They focus mostly on reporting defects rather than identifying causes and helping to put things right immediately. Shifting quality left in the development process is a challenge because developers tend to leave testing until the end and then are pressed for time. In Agile/DevOps environments there is little time for code peer reviews, unit testing or regression testing and often there are insufficient metrics available to monitor code quality. Some legacy IBM i code can be difficult to understand and change and this compounds the code quality challenge.

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