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Test Automation

Detect software errors at their source

DevOps + continuous test = speedy delivery at minimum risk

When deadlines approach, testing suffers

A major concern for developers is how to guarantee consistent, high levels of application reliability and availability for the business after each software change. The only sure method for achieving this is through repeat testing. Tests are vital, but can be costly, time consuming, tedious and error prone when performed manually. In most businesses testing suffers when deadlines approach. The business imperative to deliver new application functions in smaller increments more often and with higher quality makes good testing even more imperative.

Many businesses use third party vendor software packages. Software vendors typically test new releases in their test environments using their test scenarios but how can they know how our environment may have changed recently? Without the ability to test in our environment we could be introducing errors in the software package or our in-house applications after we install one of their releases of service packs.

Need to automate functional and unit test within your DevOps cycle?

Automate the process with ARCAD Verifier & ARCAD iUnit!

  • Software changes are pre-recorded and stored in a scenario (includes users’ keystrokes)
  • These recordings and their outcomes when run get stored as a reference
  • Scenarios can be automatically and rapidly replayed and compared against the reference results
  • An easy to understand test report is produced to help developers understand the differences

  • Simulation of date changes to simulate EOD/EOM procedures
  • Reduces the cost and duration of tests
  • Automate the creation, execution and management of unit tests on IBM i

  • Unit test individual application components continuously, within your overall CI/CD process

  • Create ‘mocks’ for program, database and procedure call dependencies

  • Manage test data transparently and automatically

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