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IBM i Build automation

Smart dependency build for IBM i applications. Automate 100% of the application build (recompilation) on IBM i, accelerating value delivery and reducing the risk of defects in production.

Solution Build Automation

Need to optimize your application Build on IBM i?

Automate a ‘smart’ recompile at each code change

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Continuous Integration (CI) on IBM i

ARCAD Builder sequences the recompilations needed using dependency knowledge.

Smart ‘dependency’ build

ARCAD Observer recompiles precisely those application components impacted by a change.

Automate your IBM i build within an enterprise CI/CD pipeline

Save time and reduce the risk of error

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With ARCAD Builder, we have automated an enterprise-grade CI/CD pipeline for RPG based on Git and Jenkins and massively improved our responsiveness to user demands. ARCAD handles all the compilation specifics so that an RPG change can be deployed to test and production automatically after a successful commit.

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