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Extend GitLab and UrbanCode across IBM i

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Looking to manage your IBM i (aka iSeries, AS/400) development from a multi-platform DevSecOps pipeline?

ARCAD Pack for i brings advanced IBM i support to IBM UrbanCode Deploy and GitLab – an out-of-the-box solution for synchronized delivery of application updates across IBM i, Windows, UNIX and Linux – on premise, or hybrid multi-cloud:

  • Integrate your IBM i into your enterprise DevOps strategy

  • Share common tools across IBM i and open systems for easy collaboration between experienced and new developers

  • Ready your proven IBM i application for modernization and all the advantages of cloud

Discover ARCAD Pack for i

ARCAD Pack for i Datasheet

To be used effectively on IBM i, GitLab and IBM UrbanCode Deploy require the additional, specific IBM i technology layer that comes with the ARCAD Pack for i.

ARCAD Pack for i encapsulates all the required IBM i knowledge and cross-platform support for an automated enterprise CI/CD pipeline:

  • Specific technology required to use GitLab and/or IBM UrbanCode Deploy on IBM i

  • 100% Automate your application deployment across IBM i, Windows, UNIX and Linux – with automated rollback on error

  • 100% Automate a ‘smart’ dependency application build on IBM i

  • Automate your database upgrades & manage parameter/configuration data

  • Guarantee application availability with repository-based integrity checking

Use GitLab for DevOps on IBM i

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