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Gain a rapid understanding of IBM i application architecture

Solution Application Analysis

WITH ARCAD OBSERVER Boost your developers’ productivityby unlocking faster analysis of your IBM i applications

Get instant insights

» into your application’s architecture and business rules. Get up-to-speed on your IBM i applications.

Speed up maintenance

» Quickly make accurate changes by identifying impacted fields and source lines in your application


» Analyze the Source Structure with advanced diagramming tools, from an easy-to-use application navigator

Cross references

» Application-wide IBM i cross-referencing from the LPEX editor


» Generate technical documentation that is guaranteed up-to-date

IDE Agnostic

» Accessible from 5250, RDi & VS code

WITH ARCAD OBSERVERUnderstand your IBM i application.

  • Observe and analyze your programs via I/O diagrams, workflow diagrams, database relationship models and program/procedure calling chains.
  • Generate clear technical documentation of IBM i application architecture without reading the source code.
  • Observe and analyze a high-level, functional view of your application architecture.
  • Obtain detailed dependency information about your application, to the source line and field level.
  • Discover database relationships in diagram form.
  • Manage application artifacts in groups.

Let’s analyze your existing IBM i application and database with ARCAD Observer

ARCAD Observer Datasheet

ARCAD Observer Features

Software development teams spend at least 50% of their time trying to understand an application’s internal architecture before modifying it since these are old and have been modified many times by various developers. Sometimes changes have been made which are easy rather than good – creating a heavy “technical debt” that increases the cost of making further changes.

Download this datasheet to learn more about ARCAD Observer and discover how it combines powerful application navigation and diagramming with multi-platform Impact Analysis and documentation generation.

  • Powerful application-wide IBM i cross-referencing (from within the LPEX editor in RDi)

  • Accelerate code comprehension with an easy-to-use application navigator

  • Improve accuracy of project estimates/planning (greater agility as business priority changes)

Download the Datasheet

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We decided on ARCAD primarily because their solutions delivered exactly against IPECA’s transformational requirements in an integrated and modular way. ARCAD-Observer helps accelerate our teams’ application understanding through graphical visualization of architecture, business logic and all application dependencies down to the source line and field level.

Jeremie MestralettiJérémie Mestraletti, Head of research at IPECA
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