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ARCAD CodeChecker

Identify quality defects and security risks in your IBM i code

Shield your code from vulnerabilities

Automate your code Review

Create code quality guidelines

Ensure high quality code

Enforce good coding standards

Reduce the cost of code review

Onboard young developers

WITH ARCAD CodeChecker Protect and Secure your IBM i application

  • Automatically scans and identifies flaws in IBM i source code, ensuring code quality and maintainability.
  • Pinpoints security risks within your codebase, safeguarding your applications against potential threats.
  • Seamlessly fits into your existing DevOps cycle, allowing for continuous quality and security checks.
  • Offers the flexibility to define and enforce coding standards specific to your organization’s needs.
  • Provides immediate insights and corrective actions to developers, enhancing coding efficiency and reducing the cycle time.
  • Tracks code quality over time, helping teams measure improvement and maintain high standards.

Let’s secure your code with ARCAD CodeChecker

Code Quality Check Solution


Automate your IBM i code review process

Mass verification

» Accelerate your processes with Rules repository, libraries, sets, and group verification

Multilanguage support

» Supports RPG III to IV, Fixed, Free & Fully Free RPG, COBOL, CL, SQL


» Detects security vulnerabilities at their source: SQL injection, vulnerable APIs, dynamic SQL, etc.

Keep using your favorite IDE

» Accessible directly from RDi and VS Code

Rules & Metrics

» 100+ predefined rules and metrics, additional rules and metrics can be user-defined

RPGLE Best Practices

» New rules have been developed in collaboration with Jim Buck from imPower technologies

ARCAD CodeChecker Datasheet

ARCAD CodeChecker Features

Development cycles are getting shorter and shorter. Developers must be able to deliver new functionality rapidly at any time, while guaranteeing the availability of applications in production and code that is well structured and easy to maintain.

Using our CodeChecker product, careless coding will just be a bad memory with automatic detection of quality flaws and security vulnerabilities in IBM i source code.

  • DevSecOps: detects security vulnerabilities
    (SQL injection, vulnerable APIs, dynamic SQL,..)

  • Can be used with any DevOps tool on IBM i
  • Integrates with CI/orchestration solutions such as Jenkins

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