Application Analysis Solution

Application Analysis

Gain a rapid understanding of your IBM i applications

Leverage their business value

Developers spend at least 50% of their time understanding applications before modifying them

Software development teams spend at least 50% of their time trying to understand an application’s internal architecture before modifying it. Many applications on IBM i are years, even decades old. They have been modified many times by various developers who may no longer be with the company, and documentation is often missing or out-of-date.

Sometimes changes have been made which are easy rather than good – creating a heavy “technical debt” that increases the cost of making further changes. If you are involved in application maintenance, enhancement, modernization, or re-engineering, you need an efficient way to quickly find dependencies within complex applications and understand their structure.

Need to accelerate the cleanup of legacy application source and objects?

Automate the process with ARCAD Audit!

  • Automatically audit source code and objects of current production releases
  • Identify source code which has no corresponding object
  • Identify objects which have no corresponding source code
  • Identify source code which has been modified after the object was created
  • Identify objects which have not been used for a long time
  • Assess the health of existing applications
  • Accelerate cleanup with group archive, recompile, delete

Need to gain a rapid understanding of your IBM i applications?

Automate the process with ARCAD Observer!

  • Auto-document application components in a readable way
  • Automatically document the architecture of the current production release
  • Discover the I/O diagram and file usage
  • Discover the program/procedure calling chain
  • Automatically produce easy to digest flowcharts and other diagrams
  • Auto-sort and auto-label everything logically
  • Benefit from a real-time, self-maintained metadata repository of application components
  • The repository holds a single version of the truth about your current production applications
  • Drill down and observe more detail about specific areas you’re working on in real time
  • Dependencies between components, flowcharts, diagrams, groups of components
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