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In a study published by RégionJob in 2019, nearly 9 out of 10 companies said they were currently working on a digital transformation initiative. Cost reduction, dematerialization, immediacy... the many advantages make this transition to digital vital for all companies, even for VSB and SMB. However, behind this promise of dematerialization lie multiple dangers unheard of in the days when information was stored on paper. Hacking, computer attacks and other data leaks are detrimental to all enterprises and even more so to small businesses, which generally do not have a dedicated IT department and find themselves overexposed...

Anonymizing data, the preferred solution for companies

Given the lack of knowledge of most companies about many aspects of digitalization, solutions to protect data have multiplied. Among the best-known techniques are the regular changing of passwords, the addition of physical security for data access and the implementation of dual authentication.

Although these techniques are effective up to a point and make it possible to drastically reinforce security in companies, they are insufficient when it comes to protecting against an attack or data leak. Indeed, to protect information in companies, all experts are unanimous: data anonymization remains the preferred solution to eliminate risks.

Personal Data and Anonymisation: 5 tips for a successful anonymization project

VSB / SMB: is anonymization applicable to my company?

Although the concept of data anonymization may seem far too complex for small businesses, it is not. Data anonymization is a process that renders confidential information in an organisation completely unusable to an outsider. Depending on the needs and the nature of the risks, there are several anonymization methods that can be applied to all types of data. Whether it is personal customer data or internal company information, everything is subject to increased protection. In fact, even small and medium-sized companies are concerned and can implement this type of protection within their structure.

Beware, however, that data anonymization is a complex process and it not accessible to everyone. To be done properly, it is necessary to call on professionals who will put in place effective and secure methods, to allow each company to prepare its future serenely, without having to worry about the security of its sensitive information.