Label France Cyber Security 2024

The "France Cybersecurity" label highlights the excellence of French offers in the field of cybersecurity and makes it possible to enlighten the choice of users concerned with contributing to national digital sovereignty. In addition, this label is an effective vector for promoting the French cyber offer internationally.

This label is governed by a tripartite structure made up of representatives of users (CESIN, CIGREF, CLUSIF), manufacturers (ACN, HEXATRUST) and public authorities (ANSSI, DGA, DGE, Business France). It defines and applies the principles of eligibility, analysis, delivery and withdrawal of labels.

The "France Cybersecurity" label meets several needs and objectives:

  • promote French cybersecurity solutions and increase their international exposure ;

  • raise awareness among users and international ordering parties regarding the importance of the French origin of a Cybersecurity offer and its intrinsic qualities ;

  • certify to users and ordering parties the existence and marketing of the products and services thereby labelled ;

  • increase their overall use and raise the level of protection for users