Leading Canadian financial powerhouse simplifies data anonymization at scale across DB2 and Oracle, while anonymizing 7 times faster

Mock Up Case Study Canadian Bank

The Customer

The Company is recognized as a premier multinational banking and financial services company, and one of Canada's Big Five banks.


The Company faced the dual challenge of compliance with worldwide data protection regulations and the need for efficient and consistent anonymization of personal or identifying data (PII) across multiple database types.


DOT Anonymizer preserved the readability, consistency, and referential integrity of the anonymized data.

Case Study Highlights

  • Company: Leading Canadian financial institution

  • Industry: Banking and financial services

  • Characteristics: Anonymization is critical at the bank during the software testing process. To ensure test quality and minimize the risk of downtime, test and development environments must be provisioned with realistic production data.

  • Challenge: The Code Control and Automation team were struggling with the performance and complexity of their existing anonymization tool.
  • Solution : DOT Anonymizer

DOT Anonymizer fulfils our stringent security criteria and ensures the irreversible anonymization of our test data.

Senior Manager, Code Control and Automation