ADIS complies with GDPR, improving efficiency and reliability of data anonymization using DOT Anonymizer

Success Story ADIS

The Customer

ADIS is an insurance brokerage company with a specific focus on life and health insurance. The company is a subsidiary of both AXA and AGIPI’s contract management center.


To comply with the new GDPR constraints, ADIS faced the challenge of anonymizing its customers’ personal data. For greater efficiency and reliability, they sought a solution to automate this process.


After examining the solutions available, we selected DOT-Anonymizer from ARCAD, which offered us greater security than the pseudonymization solutions on the market. ARCAD offers both superior data anonymization techniques and ensured our organisation can safely combine two distinct sets of data without any risk of identifying an individual.

Case Study Highlights

  • Company: : ADIS
  • Industry : Insurance
  • Characteristics: Faced with GDPR compliance and a company-wide data protection directive, ADIS needed to centralize all of their anonymization rules for multiple DBMS into a single solution
  • Challenge: Data Protection has been a part of ADIS's policies since they began trading but the new GDPR regulations allowed them to refresh their processes and they began to actively evaluate solutions to meet their requirements.
  • Solution : DOT Anonymizer

ADIS teams were quick to see the value and ease of use of DOT-Anonymizer. Our testers were very quickly up and running with the solution, thanks to the guaranteed consistency and integrity of anonymized data, across all our DBMS. ARCAD Software staff were particularly responsive to our specific needs.
Gaëlle Jonckheere, Operational IT Manager / Infrastructure and Applications