Prudence Créole complied with GPDR while maintaining insurance industry specifics

Success Story Prudence Créole

The Customer

Founded in 1863, Prudence Créole is a P&C insurance company and an industry leader in Réunion, holding 40% of the region’s market share.


With its 200 employees, Prudence Créole has a strong IT orientation. The IT department has two main functions: Engineering and Development , which updates the management system, and an Infrastructure/ Operations to ensure continuous availability of the information system.


To ensure that all requirements were met, Prudence Créole chose to implement DOT Anonymizer.

Case Study Highlights

  • Company: Prudence Créole

  • Industry: Insurance
  • Characteristics: To comply with the various regulations impacting its business the GDPR in particular—Prudence Créole was seeking to anonymize data for all its non-production environments while also complying with specific requirements of the insurance industry and system integrity constraints.

  • Challenge: To complete this project, Prudence Créole needed to meet the following functional requirements such as: identify personal data, maintain the pricing management rules, integrate anonymization results in a dashboard, and maintain anonymization consistency for
    telephone numbers and social security numbers and between PDFs, Excel spreadsheet files and the structured database.

  • Solution : DOT Anonymizer

DOT Anonymizer is simple and intuitive to use, which has allowed us to implement it very quickly.

Guillaume Van de Walle, Business Process Manager, Prudence Créole