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Guarantee the Protection of IBM i Data

With growing cybersecurity concerns and PII protection regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, CPRA and a slew of new U.S. state data privacy laws, the management of ‘test data’ has become a top concern for most organizations. Not least on IBM i, a system well-renowned for its security. 

Anonymization of personal data is essential. But how to ensure the data remains “readable” and consistent? And will anonymized data complicate the testing process?  

In this webinar, Alan Ashley, ARCAD’s DevSecOps expert will demonstrate how to secure ALL your databases – both IBM i and non-IBM i - while maintaining integrity within and between each DBMS. 

If you are still using raw production data in your development cycle, learn how to automate the anonymization process and:  

  • Safeguard Production data as it moves to Development and Test environments 
  • Anonymize PII while maintaining usability 
  • Centralize anonymization rules between your different DBMS 
  • Automatically identify sensitive data 

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The Presenter

Alain Ashley

Alan Ashley

Solution Architect, ARCAD Software

Alan has been in support and promotion of the IBM i platform for over 30 years and is a Solution Architect for DevSecOps with ARCAD Software. Prior to joining ARCAD Software, he spent many years in multiple roles within IBM from supporting customers through HA to DR to Application promotion to migrations of the IBM i to the cloud. In those roles, he saw first hand the pains many have with Application Lifecycle Management, modernization, and data protection. His passion in those areas fits right in with the ARCAD suite of products.