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[Webinar] Protecting your Data in a Non-Production Environment with DOT Anonymizer

When it comes to testing, training, or even disaster testing, often real data is used.

This may be the entire set of tables of production or a subset, but it's real data. Real private personal information.

With the European GDPR or the CCPA out of California, protecting this data is now more than keeping a hacker away. It's about protecting the bottom line and away from fines. This is where you need to use anonymization to mask your data so that it's usable and masked.

In this webinar, you will learn with Alan Ashley, solution architect, how to protect your data in a non-production environment with DOT Anonymizer.

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The Presenter

Alain Ashley

Alan Ashley

Solution Architect, ARCAD Software

Alan has been in support and promotion of the IBM i platform for over 30 years and is a Solution Architect for DevSecOps with ARCAD Software. Prior to joining ARCAD Software, he spent many years in multiple roles within IBM from supporting customers through HA to DR to Application promotion to migrations of the IBM i to the cloud. In those roles, he saw first hand the pains many have with Application Lifecycle Management, modernization, and data protection. His passion in those areas fits right in with the ARCAD suite of products.