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[Webinar] Protection of personal data: How and when should you anonymize?

Data has never been more valuable, which is why the number of attacks and breaches is continually increasing in organisations of all sizes. Protecting your most valuable data assets and your “brand and reputation” is a key part of any organisation’s risk management strategy.

To comply with the myriad of data protection legislation and to ensure adequate protection of your PII (Personally Identifiable Information), organisations like yours are looking at ways to anonymise their data whilst preserving its value and relevance for testing and training purposes.

Building Test Data Anonymisation or Pseudonymisation into your development and testing process ensures that the data cannot be used for Criminal Gain.

During our webinar, you will gain valuable education from ARCAD experts including:

  • The different strategies available to solve the most complex Anonymisation problems
  • The most common ‘use cases’ ARCAD see from their customers
  • A demonstration of practical usage of ARCAD Test Data Anonymisation tools
  • The potential “pitfalls” and “best practices” to help prepare you and your team for any Test Data Anonymisation project

Join ARCAD’s team: Romain Alberca, Deputy CISO and Nick Blamey, Director Northern Europe for this live event.

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The Presenters

Cécile Masson

Nick Blamey

Northern European Director, ARCAD Software

Nick Blamey has been involved in Software Development tools since 1993 working most recently for IBM Rational DevOps Team, HP Testing Software Division and a number of Security and Testing related development tools organisations. Nick is a respected thought leader and “Common event” Speaker around “DevOps related topics” and a key member of the ARCAD team helping drive the topic of VSM in the IBM i community and the the company’s expansion in Northern Europe.

Romain Alberca

Romain Alberca

Deputy CISO, ARCAD Software

Romain is a DOT expert at Arcad Software, and he also holds the position of deputy CISO. His skills related to security and database management make Romain an expert in securing personal data.