Test Data Management Tools

Easily generate anonymized but usable data

All-in-one protection for your personal or identifying data (PII). Detect, mask and subset data from all your data sources and DBMS!

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DOT Anonymizer Brand

DOT Anonymizer

Data Anonymization adoption driven by:

  • Cybersecurity concerns
  • GDPR and country-specific regulations

« Protecting personal data is a major responsibility for every organization throughout the world today »

Key characteristics:

  • Data Source and DBMS-agnostic
  • Irreversible Anonymization
  • Integrity of data thru its unique “cache” technology:
    – Between entities (ex: name with email address)
    – Between databases
  • Extensible out-of-the-box algorithm library

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DOT Extract Brand

DOT Extract

DOT Extract – adoption driven by:

  • Automated refresh of coherent data subsets for testing purposes
  • Minimization of disk space required for test environments

Key characteristics:

  • Rapidly generate test environments
  • Automate the refresh of existing environments
  • Assist in reproducing errors arising in production, without using production files
  • Automate the extraction of production data while maintaining referential integrity.

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