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We are DevOps specialists

ARCAD is an open technology platform combining #DevSecOps and #IBMiApplicationModernization

DevOps for IBM i Logo

DevOps for IBM i

Include IBM i in your Enterprise DevOps pipeline

The widest range of #DevSecOps solutions for IBM i

DevOps for IBM i drivers:

  • Alignment of methods across platforms
  • Sharing of tools, whatever the underlying technology
  • Efficient collaboration between generations

Key characteristics :

  • Version control of all production artifacts
  • Develop and test against production-like systems
  • Continuous Build, Integration, Test and Deploy
  • Proactive monitoring of production environment
  • Governance and continuous improvement

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Modernization IBM i Logo

IBM i Application Modernization

Transform your legacy into a competitive advantage

Convert legacy IBM i source to a modern language – with 100% automation and regression testing built-in. The only transformation technology co-developed with IBM!

IBM i Modernization drivers:

  • Automated conversion minimizes project risk
  • DevOps framework secures easy merge of changes
  • Built-in test automation prevents regression

Key characteristics :

  • Application cleanup – ensure modernization speed and quality
  • Application analysis – enhance project accuracy with automated ‘health check’
  • DevSecOps approach – run modernization and maintenance in parallel
  • Automated regression testing – detect defects before they reach production
  • Automated code refactoring – transform legacy code to modern syntax
  • UI Modernization/Refacing – deliver a modern user experience
  • Database modernization – transform to standard SQL

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Merlin logo


IBM i DevOps and Modernization in the Cloud

Co-developed by IBM + ARCAD : Move to Cloud + Move to DevOps + Move to Open-Source = Move to DevOps on Cloud based on Open-Source standards

Merlin (IBM i Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration) – drivers:

  • Streamline development of next-gen applications on IBM i
  • Automate the modernization of existing applications

Key characteristics :

  • Cloud-enable IBM i Application Development
  • Automate CI/CD and Security
  • Speed Up Developer Onboarding

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