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Masking of personal and identifying data2024-06-03T12:15:34+02:00
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Data Masking

Mask your personal data while ensuring it looks and acts like real data

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Data masking and anonymization

Data masking is a technology which aims to prevent the manipulation of personal data by giving users fictitious data (but realistic) instead of real personal data.

The anonymization of personal data consists in modifying the content or structure of this data in order to make it impossible to “re-identify” users (physical or legal) or entities concerned.

Personal data exposed to staff

With the constitution of test data sets intended to populate different environments (such as test, Quality Assurance (QA), qualification, training, dedicated to young recruits, etc…), there is a growing risk of personal and confidential data originating from production becoming visible to unauthorized staff such as testers, QA staff and developers. These users are not authorized to visualize this personal production data (name of persons, addresses, mobile numbers, bank account numbers, social security details) and can introduce a potential data leak. Since the security level of development servers are not as high as production servers, a desensitization of personal and confidential data is needed.

“70% of security incidents come from internal sources” -Gartner

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To be effective, anonymization must preserve the usability of data:

  • Maintain its readability (preservation of the data format)
  • Maintain data format and type (an address must remain an address for example)

  • Retains values from one transformation to another

  • Ensures cross-platform consistency (the same anonymization rule used in different databases)

Analyze the concepts, mechanisms and solutions that Data Masking and Anonymization can provide, as well as the latest implementation scenarios and algorithms in our Data Masking White Paper

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Mask your personal data while ensuring it looks like real data.

GDPR and data protection

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is in application since 25 May 2018. This regulation relates to the protection of physical persons against the misuse of personal data during processing and the free movement of such data.

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Any data protection project (GDPR, CCPA, etc.) begins by identifying personal data to feed your registry. Discover how to detect them in this article.

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To ensure confidentiality of your test data by concealing personal information, use DOT Anonymizer! This tool anonymizes personal data while preserving their original format and type. Manage your anonymization projects on all types of plateforms, by exploiting non-reversible algorithms.

Find out how it works in this brochure. Also find out how to protect your company against data leaks in this video.

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