ANNECY – 25 June, 2019 – ARCAD Software, international leader in DevOps and Modernization solutions, today announced their partnership with Skytap, global cloud provider delivering an industry-first, multi-tenant public cloud offering for IBM i.

The new partnership targets the modernization of legacy IBM i toolchains by making the ARCAD for DevOps solution for continuous build, test and deploy (CI/CT/CD) available on demand from within a Skytap Cloud environment on IBM i.  This combined offering brings RPG source code management and the entire IBM i application delivery pipeline into the cloud, using enterprise-grade open source tooling such as Git and Jenkins.

For organizations with mission-critical applications running on IBM i, the use of ARCAD and Skytap Cloud will allow the easy creation, replication and disposal of test and training environments and deliver instant, production-ready environments on demand.  Everything from small application fixes, to the testing of major architectural changes can be processed in parallel, reducing IT timescales, cost and risk.

Where Skytap provides IBM i customers with a highly flexible multi-tenant public cloud experience and the ability to easily scale up and down capacity, ARCAD’s DevOps offering delivers the unique “dependency-based” build, test and deploy capability needed to rapidly and reliably provision Skytap’s self-service IBM i environments.

Michel Mouchon, Vice President of Strategy at ARCAD Software, highlighted the complementarity of the ARCAD and Skytap offerings:

“Having ARCAD’s complete CI/CT/CD functionality available on Skytap Cloud is ground-breaking for IBM i customers, giving them the ability to rapidly spin up and instantly provision IBM i environments on demand.  This opens the possibilities for an entirely new way of managing the application lifecycle – including highly efficient use of temporary test, QA and training environments.  Test data can also be automatically anonymized for data protection compliance.  For many IBM i customers whose competitive advantage lies in their custom-built applications, the combination of ARCAD’s DevTestOps and integrated application transformation tooling on Skytap Cloud is a risk-free way to derive maximal value from IBM i.”

Further, as Skytap assists customers with the moving of traditional applications into a modern cloud infrastructure, ARCAD’s application modernization solutions automate the transformation of source code, database and UI to modern standards and the shift to a flexible n-tier application architecture based on webservices.

Karri Alexion-Tiernan, SVP of Product Marketing at Skytap stressed the importance of DevOps tooling to their customers as they shift to more agile software delivery:  “DevOps and cloud are closely linked.  Skytap’s self-service access to production-ready environments, combined with a modern CI/CD toolchain, enables application teams to release higher quality software faster.  ARCAD’s DevOps solutions are unique in providing the deep application dependency knowledge needed to automate and optimize the continuous integration, testing and deployment of IBM i applications”.

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