[Webinar] “Git Ahead”: from IBM i change management to Git

Git for source code management on IBM i has multiple advantages.  As well as a common repository for all your source code assets – open and IBM i – it offers powerful concurrent versioning, merge control and distributed development. And its collaborative platforms (like GitHub) open the IBM i to a new generation of developers.

But developing in Git presents some unique challenges when switching from traditional IBM i techniques. Some developers will adapt more readily than others, and some may fear losing some basic features of their traditional IBM i change management.  To be successful with Git, instead of a “big bang” switch to open source tools like Git and Jenkins, you’ll need to change some ways that IBM i development is organized, first.

In our Webinar, using customer examples, we’ll explore the techniques needed to successfully transition your IBM i team to Git.  You will learn:

  • How both “green screen” and RDi developers can simultaneously develop in Git on IBM i
  • The integrations needed to make Git concurrent versioning easy and IBM i-ready (custom project view, change history, etc.)
  • How to optimize your development cycle using Git on IBM i (smart “dependency build”, continuous integration, continuous test, continuous deployment, …)

Make a success of Git and Jenkins in your IBM i development today.  Watch the Webinar!

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The Presenter

Ray Bernardi

Ray Bernardi

Senior Solution Architect, ARCAD Software

Ray Bernardi is a 30-year veteran involved in the System 38/AS/400/iSeries/IBM i development and currently is a Pre/Post Sales technical Support Specialist for ARCAD Software, international ISV and IBM Business Partner.  Ray has been involved with the development and sales of many cutting edge software products throughout his career, with specialist knowledge in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) products from ARCAD Software covering a broad range of functional areas including enterprise IBM i modernization and DevOps.  In addition, Ray is a frequent speaker at COMMON and many other technical conferences around the world and has authored articles in several IBM i publications on the subject of application analysis and modernization, SQL, and business intelligence.