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IBM i Unit Test automation

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ARCAD iUnit Features

Unit testing is the ultimate “developer-side” technique to detect defects as early as possible in the cycle when they cost the least. Unit tests improve code clarity, and increase the long-term reliability of applications. With ARCAD iUnit, it is now possible to automate the unit testing process on both modern and Legacy IBM i applications. ARCAD iUnit automates the creation of test cases for any module, program or service program. A complete unit test can be rapidly generated from within RDi in just a few clicks.

Download this datasheet to learn more about ARCAD iUnit and discover why our solution is unique in the level of automation it provides in creating, executing and managing unit tests on IBM i.

  • ‘Shift Left’: Detects defects as early as possible in the IBM i software lifecycle

  • Integrates with enterprise tooling such as Git, Jenkins, Junit and Azure DevOps so that multi-technology teams can manage front-end and backend components from a single CI/CT/CD pipeline

  • Reduces technical debt and lower development costs in the long term.

Download the Datasheet