ARCAD Skipper and ArcelorMittal

ARCAD Skipper Success Story

The Customer

A subsidiary of Arcelor, ArcelorMittal is a leading provider of specialty metal products for the automotive industry. The company’s products are used by automotive leading players including Peugeot/Citroën, Renault, Volkswagen, Ford, and DAF for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. “

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Using an aging versioning tool, the project management team was struggling to keep track of object updates or code changes with the accuracy level required by the UTAC standard. “The truth is that we were literally blind,” admitted Jean-Marie HUMEZ. “Our former versioning application would not allow us to trace the life of a programming object step by step or keep track of all the updates and patches along the way,” he added. New versions of a given program could be updated in the production environment with few or no rollback capabilities. Furthermore, any manual upgrade to one of the 3,5 Million lines of source code could lead to an unpredictable application regression.


As ARCAD Software’s ARCAD-Skipper Change Management Solution was already on ArcelorMittal’s short list, the implementation decision was swift. Not only did ARCAD-Skipper allow ArcelorMittal to meet its regulatory requirements, including traceability of software changes and roll back capabilities, but ARCAD-Skipper also brought streamlining and automation to IBM I application maintenance.

Case Study Highlights

  • Company: ArcelorMittal
  • Industry: Metal products for the automotive industry
  • Characteristics: upgrade its information system in 2002
  • Challenge: The versioning tool was too outdated to meet the requirements and to deal with multi-sites and multilingual environments.
  • Solutions: ARCAD-Skipper
Having a central repository not only enables ARCAD-Skipper to automate maintenance processes. It also helped us to think differently, and to share both workload and maintenance information more effectively. This is more than just a software issue. This is a cultural change as well.”
Jean-Marie Humez, Database administrator at ArcelorMittal