SLIB Relies on ARCAD Skipper to manage multiple versions of its financial software


The Customer

SLIB is a financial software vendor specializing in the fields of stocks and the stock market. Their modular software range is made available to users in ASP mode and hosted at Natexis Banques Populaires’ IT processing centers. SLIB has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Natexis for 10 years.



Software undergoes change because of major development related to financial sector reforms, which come out every few years. Clients’ specific versions are modified based on their needs and/or changes in the SLIB product line. To handle this, the company needed a tool to manage multiple software versions, make sure the versions were coherent, and respond to security concerns. In particular, developers were faced with the problem of simultaneous modification of the same programs. They also needed to create cross references.


“SLIB chose ARCAD-Skipper in 1998,” explains Philippe Cognet, General Director of SLIB. “While the first version of the product only handled a development center dedicated to a single product for a single client, ARCAD
Software transformed it to adapt it to our situation, with multiple versions of
products transferred to production at various times for a variety of clients.
SLIB can now internally manage 100 to 200 combinations of software versions
in its application.”

Case Study Highlights

  • Company: SLIB
  • Industry: financial software vendor
  • Characteristics: Loyal user of IBM’s midrange servers
  • Challenge: Needed a tool to manage multiple software versions, make sure the versions were coherent, and respond to security concerns
  • Solutions: ARCAD-Skipper
To manage the standard development environment and compatibility with Eclipse, ARCAD-Skipper is an essential part of the value and development chain. Today we are working like equipment suppliers, as in the automotive industry. We work on justin-time delivery. Just as no one makes car shocks out of wood, we must use the most modern technologies. This is also true for our suppliers. This is why we appreciate the fact that ARCAD keeps ahead with developments in Eclipse.
Philippe Cognet, General Director of SLIB