Societe Generale Insurance reduces Application Test Phase by 93% using ARCAD Verifier Regression Testing

Customer Case Study Societe Generale

The Customer

Societe Generale is the 3rd largest bank in France by total assets. The company’s Insurance division has successfully grown to become one of the largest providers in the market.

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The QA team at Societe Generale Insurance is responsible for the validation of applications, and in particular for validating new releases of their core IBM i application for managing savings contracts.


After comparing several tools on the market, Societe Generale Insurance selected ARCAD-Verifier, which best met its requirements for regression test automation on IBM i. Right from the start of product operation, Societe Generale Insurance teams recorded significant gains. Hervé Marchand, IBM i Application Architect, remembers the optimization of a batch chain linking a range of programs taking several nights. The regression testing that once took fifteen days or more, now takes one day. “It was a ray of sunshine,” said Hervé Marchand: “The solution has really proven itself. It consistently demonstrates the quality that we expected out of a regression testing tool.”

Case Study Highlights

  • Company: Societe Generale
  • Industry: Insurance
  • Characteristics: Without tools for a long period, evaluating the impact of changes and verifying the absence of regressions meant a considerable and complex workload for Societe Generale’s QA team.
  • Challenge: With about 4,000 tables, the SG Insurance application was laborious to test and sequences of batch jobs could take several nights to test. This meant that test phases were never complete and the risk of error was high.
  • Solution: ARCAD Verifier
The real benefits from the suite were in time savings and productivity gains by the QA team. The regression testing that once took fifteen days or more, now takes one day
Herve Marchand, IBM i Application Architect