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IBM i Regression Test Automation

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ARCAD Verifier Features

Test phases are vital to guarantee a high level of application reliability. However when performed manually, they are costly and time consuming. Automated test tools such as ARCAD Verifier reduce both cost and duration of software testing and guarantees non-regression of the information system through more in-depth and thorough tests.

Designed for IBM i, ARCAD Verifier automates regression testing at the data level, detecting defects at their origin, deep in the DB2 database. ARCAD Verifier keeps track of dependencies between application code and test cases, so that impacted test cases can be replayed automatically after each update to the application. ARCAD Verifier detects differences in the user interface, database, and spool files, displayed to testers from both a navigator and in the form of reports.

Download this datasheet to learn more about ARCAD Verifier and discover the many unique features that define its position in the market.

  • Detect IBM i application defects as they arise – in the database, spools and 5250 interface

  • Easy integration with multi-platform enterprise testing tools (Selenium, Tosca, UFT, Rational, HCL OneTest, Xray for Jira)

  • Automatic generation of regression test campaigns for each new application release

Download the Datasheet